<![CDATA[Mold, Biotoxin, and Environmental Illness Cure Project - Blog]]>Sun, 13 Dec 2015 10:40:28 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Magnesium deficiency and elastin problems]]>Thu, 20 Feb 2014 19:34:35 GMThttp://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/blog/magnesium-deficiency-and-elastin-problemsIve had major bone and skin problems ever since getting off antibiotics for Lyme disease.

I knew some of the problem probably had to do with MMPs, NFkB, low thyroid hormones, low Vitamin D, etc.

However, my recent experience makes me think some of the problem was from low magnesium.

I got a stress fracture somewhere in my knee at the gym. It felt much better when I started using transdermal magnesium on it. I know magnesium deficiency (which I've been diagnosed with) can contribute to the degradation of elastin.

Maybe magnesium will help to rescue me from these chronic bone and skin problems. I have been reluctant to take magnesium since I know it can contribute to biofilms, but maybe transdermal magnesium is ok.
<![CDATA[Bikram yoga as a hormesis therapy (hormetherapy?)]]>Thu, 23 Jan 2014 19:02:34 GMThttp://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/blog/bikram-yoga-as-a-hormesis-therapy-hormetherapyPhuket Cleanse: Hormesis Therapies

Goes into how Bikram yoga makes the body think it is threatened in various stress ways, and the body responds.
<![CDATA[Is the benefit of raw food from plant microRNA?]]>Thu, 23 Jan 2014 19:00:09 GMThttp://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/blog/is-the-benefit-of-raw-food-from-plant-micrornaRaw food obviously has profound effects. People often claim it is from enzymes.

I wonder if some of the benefit is from plant microRNA.

Juicing also seems like a way to get huge amounts of plant microRNA and polyphenols, all of which have biological effects. You aren't heating, and you're able to eat more polyphenols than if you were eating the whole plant along with its fiber. Juicing is like a way to eat in one day the vegetables you'd normally eat in a week.
<![CDATA[Juicing as a way to get plant MicroRNA]]>Thu, 23 Jan 2014 15:01:54 GMThttp://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/blog/juicing-as-a-way-to-get-plant-micrornaSeeing that plant microRNA can be important for regulating mammalian functions, I wonder if juicing works in part by supplying huge amounts of plant microRNA.

Effects of dietary phytophenols on the expression of microRNAs involved in mammalian cell homeostasis.
<![CDATA[Coffee enemas - hormesis with cafestol and kahweol? ]]>Wed, 22 Jan 2014 20:14:43 GMThttp://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/blog/coffee-enemas-hormesis-with-cafestol-and-kahweolI have to wonder if some of the major benefit from coffee enemas is from rectal administration of two potent Nrf2 activators in coffee: cafestol and kahweol.

I know some people think it is from palmitic acid (see S A Wilson coffee for enemas).

Even the underlying mechanism of coffee enemas seems like hormesis to me - taking advantage of a few natural reflexes the body has for toxins (dumping bile, increasing glutathione-s-transferase).

I think it's hormesis. I think most of the things that work for chronic illness (without causing dependence) are hormesis.
<![CDATA[Are body's own toxins (from oxidative stress) more harmful than other toxins, and the source of much damage from toxins?]]>Wed, 22 Jan 2014 18:30:50 GMThttp://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/blog/are-bodys-own-toxins-from-oxidative-stress-more-harmful-than-other-toxins-and-the-source-of-much-damage-from-toxinsFor as many toxins as we are exposed to, they are pretty small players in the world of the body, where MASSIVE amounts of toxins are being generated by normal metabolism.

I'll say this again. As far as direct effects go (free radicals, DNA damage), the body's own toxins have a far greater effect than almost anything from the outside.

Where toxins become a problem is often when they interfere with the body's own repair mechanisms that it uses to deal with its own metabolic aftermath.

I liked this quotation in Underexposed: What if Radiation is Actually Good for You? :

"It is the repair and removal process (or lack of it) that kills us. Like other toxins, high-level radiation degrades those processes, but low-level actually stimulates them."--Theodore Rockwell

Wow. Huge statement there. "Like other toxins" - suggesting that a major mode of
toxins' negative effects is in degrading our own repair processes.

And then notice that low-level toxin exposures improve and tone this repair and removal process.

So people could be thought of as requiring low level doses of toxins - or doses appropriate to their state of health and their level of exposure to other toxins - to maintain their repair and removal functions in good form.

Mold toxins are particularly bad in that they interfere with protein synthesis and Nrf2, among other things. Many of the negative effects seen from them (like carcinogenesis and organ problems) are from interfering with the systems the body normally uses to protect itself.

<![CDATA[Does juicing work in part by hormesis?]]>Wed, 22 Jan 2014 18:23:21 GMThttp://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/blog/does-juicing-work-in-part-by-hormesisI'm doing a lot of juicing lately. Not completely a juice fast, but a substantial amount of juice each day and not much solid food.

I notice it's making me detox a lot and that it's stimulating a similar sort of effect to other agents that make me detox a lot, where I have to keep doing it frequently to keep up with the detox from the previous session.

I have to wonder if juicing follows the pattern of other things I'm noticing, where practices that return health to sick people in reliable ways (that don't leave them dependent on medication or supplements) tend to involve hormesis.

Could juicing involve hormesis?

It definitely provides high doses of vitamins and minerals. However, it also provides high doses of polyphenols - higher doses than could be achieved by normal eating.

I just posted in the blog post below an article describing why polyphenols are in some sense toxins.

Is juicing similar to ozone, saunas, radiation hormesis in that we are stressing our bodies somewhat by providing slightly elevated (beyond background/what we were doing before) stressors, and the body responds adaptively?

Perhaps that could explain why juicing does something different and more detoxifying for the body than simply ingesting large amounts of vitamins.

What's different is that the juice contains polyphenols (and plant microRNA) - and I imagine that the benefits of juicing have something to do with consuming large amounts of those.

Juicing also involves a lot of chlorophyll.

Plant microRNA: a small regulatory molecule with big impact.
<![CDATA[Healthy polyphenols are toxins - acting through hormesis]]>Wed, 22 Jan 2014 17:44:36 GMThttp://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/blog/healthy-polyphenols-are-toxins-acting-through-hormesisYep - 
It is funny when people say to avoid all toxins and don't buy hormesis but advocate eating healthy foods like broccoli, red wine, berries, green tea, etc. 

Polyphenols are toxins. The reason they are beneficial is hormesis. 

Many, many substances fit the curve where certain doses are optimal and much higher doses are toxic. 

Polyphenols, Hormesis, and Disease - Part I
Part II

<![CDATA[The danger of fear (itself)]]>Wed, 22 Jan 2014 16:23:27 GMThttp://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/blog/the-danger-of-fear-itselfI read this article about radiation doses, radiation hormesis, and the effects of several nuclear emergencies.

Nuclear Radiation and Health Effects

What was interesting is that in some of the large-scale emergencies where people were evacuated, most of the deaths and suffering were related to evacuation/displacement and to fear/depression from being told they'd been exposed.

Also there are books that say pretty convincingly the environment isn't so bad, the financial system isn't so bad, the world is getting better, and we have a source of almost unlimited clean energy from nuclear (if we recognize that very low exposures are not harmful and likely beneficial).

I wonder if the idea things are bad appeals to us and we jump on it....

There are many ways fear can be harmful:

Can cause the feared thing to happen (e.g., people dying because given the "evil eye")
Can cause lack of investment in the future
Chronic stress and pessimism

We really don't know what the future holds. It's a mystery. There are so many forces at play that we don't know about - both that we don't know about personally, and some that humans don't know about at all yet (discoveries yet to be made).

It's really a shame, though, when anything, whether tradition or profit, keeps people from being open to changing in the face of new evidence. - whether to realize things might not be that bad, or to take care of things that don't seem
<![CDATA[Sweating doesn't necessarily release any toxins of note, in saunas]]>Tue, 21 Jan 2014 15:26:16 GMThttp://moldillnesscureproject.weebly.com/blog/sweating-doesnt-necessarily-release-any-toxins-of-note-in-saunas
You sweat, but toxins likely stay - LA Times

In the past, I would have argued with this and insisted that sweating did release toxins, but now I know other mechanisms by which getting hot to the point of stress can stimulate detoxification (Nrf2, heat shock proteins, etc.).

This is a classic example where the fact that a treatment doesn't work through the proposed mechanism doesn't mean it doesn't work at all. Saunas still work - just through other mechanisms.

Saunas and heat stress have been invaluable to a lot of people with environmental illness and mold illness.