Conjecture: Most of the things that actually draw people out of illness are hormetic or hormesis mime tics. 

Thoughts on this:
Almost everything that really makes me feel better gives me the same feelings that feel like exercise or like a bubbly cellular feeling. These are ozone, ozone saunas, ozone water, Nrf2 activators, mild exercise (within tolerance level- not too much or too little). 

To really heal one has to bump the equilibrium around, which hormesis does. 
Nitric oxide (NO), resveratrol, quercetin, pterostilbene, and lipoic acid as PCG-1a activators for mitochondrial biogenesis in this product -
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If the MAO-A:MAO-B ratio is important (usually raising MAO-A and lowering MAO-B), as this article suggests (see the comments too), then i wonder if MAO-B inhibitors would be helpful in creating MAO balance.

It seems many of us are low in dopamine, perhaps from excess MAO-B activity.

I find that EGCG makes me more calm. It's a MAO-B inhibitor as well as anti-inflammatory in a number of ways.

I'm starting to think that a lot of the general mold irritability could be MAO-A related and estrogen related.

I woke up very irritable this morning and didn't know why. Turns out I'd taken  Advil before bed for a pulled shoulder, plus Cissus for the past few days, and that combination of Cissus raising hormone levels and Advil impairing aromatase activity could have left me with high hormone levels.

High hormone levels, particularly estrogen, can contribute to irritability by decreasing MAO-A activity, which can lead to excess calcium and mast cell stimulation and tissue damage. 

The MAO-A:MAO-B ratio seems very critical.

If that's the case then calcium-d-glucarate would be a very important helper in mold illness, to help metabolize excess estrogen. 

People might want to be careful with MAO-A inhibitors including curcumin. 

I have to be careful with any kind of excess estrogen, even phytoestrogens. 
Video series by Andrea Fabry on mold illness and treatment:

Came across recipes on Know the Cause for a low fungus, low carb diet for mold illness

Here is a book by Dr. Wilson on how sauna therapy works. It's interesting that he mentions heat shock proteins (HSPs). 

Sauna Therapy

In my limited experience, people with environmental illness seem to benefit greatly from saunas. I know that my own detox started up at a greater rate after simply purchasing an infrared heat lamp and lamp clamp (brooder lamp) and shining it on various body parts while lying on the ground for coffee enemas. It wasn't making me sweat, but the light was still helpful and seemed to cause toxins to be mobilized. 

I now find myself craving heat stress the same way I crave ozone and other hormetic stresses. 

People including myself often complain about the way people with mold illness and similar illnesses are treated. 

However, unless one is doing everything one can to recover, I don't think there's an excuse to complain.

It is a terrible situation - being a refugee, or having an illness but being met in a world where it doesn't "exist." Anytime a person has a serious illness, particularly one that impacts the brain or where they can live, it's going to be very difficult if they are pressured to live as though they don't have it. 

I realized at one point that no matter how much understanding or compassion I managed to convince people to have for me, it was not going to be as good as simply not having the illness anymore.

We like to think people can be understanding of illness, but they really can't always match the degree of compassion the illness would require. There's a limit to how much illness even I can deal with in people, and I've sometimes rejected friends for reasons not so different from things I've had. 

It's lucky that most illnesses seem treatable if one is willing to research and experiment enough.