I've been reading in the Getting Stronger blog that Vitamin C is not recommended. However this might be for regular people who don't have a glutathione block or excessive toxicity.

In my own case I find the following:
  • I do great with EGCG, ashwagandha (after a week or two of herxing from it), broccoli extract, Cellular One/Xymogen Nrf2 activator, and pomegranate juice and Nrf2 activating vegetables and spices
  • I am unsure about curcumin. Good anti-inflammatory and Nrf2 activator, but also a MAO-A inhibitor. I use it but not every day.

I find the following with regard to Vitamin C:
  • Haven't had great success with high-dose C. 
  • Liposomal C is nice but too expensive and too much of a pain to make (and what you make with an ultrasonic cleaner is probably just emulsified and not really liposomal?)
  • I don't do well with encapsulated Vitamin C. I seem to get those side effects where it could interfere with body's antioxidant effects.
  • However, I do great with chewable Vitamin C, which I have as needed. I keep it near me and when I feel the need for it, have one or two.

I wonder why the chewable Vitamin C is better for me?
  • Maybe it's that the brands I use (especially Nature's Plus) contain rutin and other bioflavonoids.
  • Maybe it dissolves and is absorbed more quickly, providing sort of an immediate shot of antioxidants?

I notice that if I run out of the chewable Vitamin C I become less resilient and start getting more skin injuries. 

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