The body is capable of healing. The question is whether we can activate those mechanisms. In fact, many of these toxins turn off the mechanisms or turn on other self-protective mechanisms. 

The body needs something like a jump start to start self-healing again.

Many doctors use protocols designed around relieving stress on the body. Taking care of functions it is not doing.

But from what I'm seeing, people are getting better from 1) removing particularly bad toxins and 2) the opposite - from getting more stress, in particular ways, that tells the body "there's a stress" and it starts healing. 

From what I'm seeing, the ways people are getting better often involve hormesis of some sort, whether they know it is hormesis or not.

Vitamin C IVs- at levels that cause hormesis. 
Infrared sauna 
Many herbs stimulate Nrf2 - hormetins - many of the most favored Lyme herbs
ozone sauna
PEMF stimulates Nrf2
homeopathy might work in part this way

I suspect that part of why coffee enemas work is that people are giving themselves more or less IV infusions of some very powerful Nrf2 activators found in coffee (cafestol and kahweol). - rectal absorption is often better than oral. In any event, coffee enemas probably work through hormesis, where the body sees them as a form of toxic stress and responds by dumping bile and the other things that happen.

I keep finding that many things people think are great for Lyme, mold, MCS, MS, and toxicity diseases turn out to have hormetic effects, even when people think they work for other reasons. 

Even eating fruits and vegetables might work in part by exposing us to plant hormetic compounds and plant micro RNA.

- - -

Things that are good for longevity are also often good for healing disease, particularly toxicity diseases. 

Hormesis is also critical for longevity, if you look at anti-aging firewalls and Getting Stronger (two good blogs). 

This seems to be the way the body is built. It might not make sense to our linear western minds, but the body is designed to be kept "toned" by stress, and if it falls out of shape, applying careful stresses can help to get it back to being toned. 

It makes sense - the body is designed to adapt to the environment. If we do its work for it, it will slack off and spend energy elsewhere. If it notices a stress, then it will adapt to that stress.

The trick is convincing the body it is under stress from toxins, hypoxia, pathogens, etc. 

- - -
It's up to you what kind of hormesis you want. You can experiment to see what kind of treatment feels good to you.

Ideally things would be 
a) a one-time cost and
b) not that expensive of a cost

some things in this category: 
water ozonator (Forever Ozone)
radiation hormesis
magnetic pulser

there are also cheap but powerful things that are continuous costs:
Meriva curcumin

or large one-time costs
ozone sauna equipment - more for Lyme
infrared sauna - more for mold and chemicals

ones that are not as great:
anything above your price range

I'm all about healing for as little money as possible. 

- - -

Because the body is so adaptive, you have to be very careful about using things that take the place of something the body could be doing for itself. 

Particularly, you have to be careful about taking anything REGULARLY that the body could be doing for itself. 

Some examples: regular use of glutathione, antioxidants, antibiotics, steroids, etc. 

The body can become dependent. 

I personally use some of these occasionally as a one-time toxin flush, like ALA or glutathione, to inundate the system, but i use as low an amount as needed for the effect. Occasional use doesn't send the same message to the body that regular use does, that it's no longer important to do that function for itself. 

- - -
You know you are healing when you get flashbacks to previous times in your life before certain things happened health-wise. 

- - -

There are occasional people who had something bad happen to them and then they discovered some type of hormesis that helped them, and they publicized it or even sell the materials. 

It makes me cry to think that what happened to these people had a more or less direct effect on my life and that I owe my productive life to some of these people. 

People have written to me to say they've gotten their lives back from things I've shared, too.

It's one of the most meaningful things - to experiment when in your own suffering and find tricks that can help others. 

The situation with Lyme and CFS and similar illnesses is still very much at the point where individuals experimenting on themselves are making some of the best headway in getting people better. Just by getting the illnesses, you are in a position to contribute a lot to humanity, since you have your own research lab in your body.

It's not necessarily a choice to get these illnesses, and I doubt anyone would choose to get them, but if it were a choice, it would be a very selfless choice to get these and to be on the ground of battle, trying to figure out how to heal these cheaply and fully. 

Some of the most powerful treatments don't require doctors and aren't even things you take in typical routes (e.g., oral supplementation). 

Instead, many of the most powerful treatments are things that amplify stress messages that would have been there throughout human evolution: from cold (e.g., cold showers), stressed plants, fasting, radiation, elevation, exertion, etc. 

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