You know low ferritin, that lots of CFS patients have? 
Nrf2 is involved in creating ferritin.
So if people had long-term Nrf2 inhibition from mold toxins, they'd get low ferritin, I assume.

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The interesting thing is that in that case, if the low ferritin is from low Nrf2, then you wouldn't want to take iron - If the body is having trouble making enzymes to protect against oxidative stress (of which ferritin is one), then taking iron would be the last thing you'd want to do! 

It seems people often see no increase in ferritin from taking iron, which would go along with the hypothesis that the low ferritin could be from Nrf2 inhibition rather than iron deficiency.

"What i dont iundersatnd is why i cant get my ferritin up, even with supplementation. "

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In general, I'm starting to think Nrf2 inhibition by mold toxins could be a big deal, given that Nrf2 is involved in detoxification, and mice without enough Nrf2 get a lot of toxicity problems. 
"With regards to the liver and gastrointestinal tract, Nrf2 knockout mice are more susceptible to acetaminophen-induced hepatocellular injury, benzo[a]pyrene-induced tumor formation and Fas-and TNFα-mediated hepatocellular apoptosis. The higher sensitivity of Nrf2 knockout mice to chemical toxicity is due in part to reduced basal and inducible expression of detoxification enzymes."

It seems that Nrf2 activity is required to make ferritin - b0th in response to xenobiotics and also at a normal background level.

Nrf2 Mediates the Induction of Ferritin H in Response to Xenobiotics and Cancer Chemopreventive Dithiolethiones

"Induction of ferritin H and L was not seen in Nrf2 knockout cells, demonstrating that this transcription factor is required for the induction of ferritin in response to polycyclic aromatic xenobiotics and chemopreventive agents. Nrf2 may also play a role in basal transcription of both ferritin H and L. These results provide a mechanistic link between regulation of the iron storage protein ferritin and the cancer chemopreventive response."

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