Ive had major bone and skin problems ever since getting off antibiotics for Lyme disease.

I knew some of the problem probably had to do with MMPs, NFkB, low thyroid hormones, low Vitamin D, etc.

However, my recent experience makes me think some of the problem was from low magnesium.

I got a stress fracture somewhere in my knee at the gym. It felt much better when I started using transdermal magnesium on it. I know magnesium deficiency (which I've been diagnosed with) can contribute to the degradation of elastin.

Maybe magnesium will help to rescue me from these chronic bone and skin problems. I have been reluctant to take magnesium since I know it can contribute to biofilms, but maybe transdermal magnesium is ok.
7/28/2014 19:01:10

Great site! Please keep updating the blog... I am alone in fighting lyme/mold illness. One day I hope to see a success story on here!


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