The allopathic system treats most illnesses as though the causes are unknown or at least banal (diet, exercise, etc.). 

We are encouraged to "accept" our illnesses. 

What ?

I see illness much more as a survival story, where you are in some degree of survival threat and need to take responsibility for rescuing yourself (or getting yourself rescued). 

The best way I can describe any of this - Lyme, mold, CFS - is that it is like falling into a hole. 

A hole you can't get out of in any of the ways that have worked for you or for most people in the past. 

A hole that you will fall further into if you do nothing, and in which it takes a lot of energy just to stay where you are. Running just to stay in place. 

It's interesting because it doesn't trigger most of the signs of a survival crisis. It might come on slowly (sometimes it does). It might be invisible to literally everyone but you. It might not show up on general lab tests that register problems of people who are not in this type of hole (although the correct lab tests will show it - and in fact will show severe dysfunction). It's not clear what caused it, what it is, or where it is. 

Yet I think inside, I always knew what it was. It was falling into what I now think is a mitochondrial potential/detox potential hole, where my body tries to claw its way out, but if it's not given help, the walls are too slippery.

What I think the "hole" entails, at this point:
  • Accumulated toxins, particularly those that inhibit Nrf2 detox system such as many mold toxins (This is alarming, when toxins can impair the very ability to detox them!)
  • High fungal growth because of low oxygen and low mitochondrial activity
  • Accumulation of fungal toxins from external and internal exposures
  • Compensatory effects by the body (cutting down circulation, NFkB, decreased oxygen, etc.) that cut down on damage but also result in a sort of truce, where one is avoiding worse damage but not really in a position to rebound
  • A lower-oxygen, low-energy equilibrium where the body hunkers down to wait for help/to be pulled out

How I see being pulled out/climbing out:
  • Reducing mold and biotoxin exposure and load, both external and internal - since those toxins in particular can impair mitochondria and detox and Nrf2
  • Using hormetins and Nrf2 activators, like knights in shining armor coming in to save the day, to rev up mitochondrial antioxidants so that further hormetic stress can be tolerated
  • Oxygen - from germanium, ozone, etc. to promote mitochondrial respiration - making more ATP, and also altered equilibrium/pH/etc.
  • Hormetic stress as tolerated to continue getting stronger (fasting, cold showers, exercise, high elevation, etc.), while using plant hormetins to maintain the ability to tolerate other hormetic stress

Anyhow - if one has fallen into a hole like this - even one that others don't think is there - is the right response to accept it? 

I don't like accepting it. I can tell it's something I can get out of progressively, since small intelligent changes in how I live can make drastic improvements for me, often in less than a week, or even in a day. 

If nothing I were doing were helping, I'd be more calm and accepting, but that's not what I'm finding. I find that particularly when I do mold avoidance (so that I'm not already sabotaged by having Nrf2 and other systems paralyzed or having protein synthesis inhibition, etc.), lots of things I learn help. 

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