People including myself often complain about the way people with mold illness and similar illnesses are treated. 

However, unless one is doing everything one can to recover, I don't think there's an excuse to complain.

It is a terrible situation - being a refugee, or having an illness but being met in a world where it doesn't "exist." Anytime a person has a serious illness, particularly one that impacts the brain or where they can live, it's going to be very difficult if they are pressured to live as though they don't have it. 

I realized at one point that no matter how much understanding or compassion I managed to convince people to have for me, it was not going to be as good as simply not having the illness anymore.

We like to think people can be understanding of illness, but they really can't always match the degree of compassion the illness would require. There's a limit to how much illness even I can deal with in people, and I've sometimes rejected friends for reasons not so different from things I've had. 

It's lucky that most illnesses seem treatable if one is willing to research and experiment enough. 

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