I like to say, you don't really know what you have until you find something that fixes it.

The fact that Amygdala Retraining and other similar techniques tend to have good results with MCS could make it seem like MCS were an anxiety disorder.

However, I also like to say that sometimes we are mistaken about the mechanisms by which treatments work.

I'm learning that lots of treatments might work in part by Nrf2 activation (garlic, saunas, butyrate, ozone, hyperthermia), yet that is rarely cited as a mechanism.

In the case of Amygdala Retraining - it might work not just by turning down amygdala overactivity - it might work through other mechanisms like the multitude of stress-response genes that are intimately related to inflammation and detoxification. 

Relaxation techniques have helped a variety of diseases including cancer. Yet in those other cases, the disease is still seen as "real," and relaxation is seen as something that promotes healing/immunity/balance in general.

I think it's unfortunate that many people conclude that MCS is "caused" by anxiety - when we would not come to that conclusion about most other disorders for which relaxation response training is helpful.

In my view, MCS, ME/CFS, and toxicity diseases are extremely real and have a number of correlates with methylation, SOD, and other detoxification genes, and as such are diffuse "genetic disorders." As with any condition, stress and poor nutrition can make these conditions worse or make people with the susceptible genes more prone to complications. However, the disease processes are as real as for any other disease, and further research (and funding) will likely show this more and more.

The fact that relaxation helps these conditions is not surprising, since that's the case for most health conditions. 

I suspect the amygdala/limbic retraining methods are working through methods other than simply the amygdala, -- and using these techniques by no means concedes that the disorders are anxiety-caused; it simply makes use of more of the body's natural healing ability by taking the brakes off of natural healing mechanisms (such as possibly the endogenous antioxidant system). 

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